Thursday, February 25, 2010

5th Grade Band Concert Rescheduled for March 2nd

Dear 5th Grade Band Parents:

The 5th grade band concert that was canceled Monday due to the snow has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 2nd. The students will report for warm-ups at 7:00 am and the concert will start at 7:30 am in the cafeteria and conclude right before school starts. Mrs. Ellsworth sent home an information flyer with band students today (Feb. 25th). Please read the flyer for background information on the concert.

Monday, February 22, 2010

No Band Concert or Other Evening School Activities Feb. 22nd

Dear Parents,
I just wanted to let everyone know that whenever school is canceled due to weather conditions all after school and evening events are canceled as well. So, there will not be a 5th grade band concert or other activities at school this evening. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable snow day.
Bob Harris

Friday, February 19, 2010

TRE School Happenings for Feb. 22-26th

February 22-26th

- 5th Grade Homecoming Band Concert 7pm in the gym

- Banking Day
- 6th Grade All District Band Practice and Concert at 6pm in gym.

- Student Council 9:15 am

PTA Family Fun Night at TRE 6-8pm (Free Admission) Laugh Factory Assembly Program

TRE Spelling Bee 2 pm in Cafeteria

Thursday, February 11, 2010

TRE Valentine's Parties and 1st Grade Field Trip

Dear TRE Parents,

IF school should be closed tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 12th) then class Valentine's Parties would be moved to Tuesday (Feb.16th) as there is no school on Monday for the President's Day Holiday. Otherwise we will look forward to our school parties tomorrow as scheduled.

The 1st grade field trip to Lourdes College was originally scheduled for Wednesday (Feb.10th). We thought we might be able to get the company to reschedule to this Friday (Feb.12th) but it has been rescheduled to the next date the theater production could do it and that is Monday, May 10th.

Bob Harris

Friday, February 5, 2010

Service Learning... What Caring is All About

Mrs. Hite's third grade class here at Temperance Road Elementary really learned what the character trait "caring" is all about during the month of December as they made blankets for the American Red Cross. Laura Schultz, a director with the American Red Cross receives blankets from students in Mrs. Hite's class. The blankets were bought with a grant from the academic servicing learning fund. The class then spent three separate days for about 30 minutes cutting out the blankets. The students then created cards that were sent out to donors as a thank you for donation of money or life saving blood. The students brainstormed well wishes for the inside of the cards. Once the cards and blankets were finished The Red Cross members then came into the classroom to accept the donations and speak with the class about what they do and who the blankets will affect. (Most of them are given out during house fires to children)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TRE Draft Vision Statement

Dear TRE Parents,

In my November article in Tiger Tales I passed along information about our school improvement process and what would be taking place as we moved towards "district" accreditation. One of parts of our school improvement process involves the development of a school vision. We have always had a school mission statement but not a vision statement. One might ask what is the difference between a school vision and mission and the best way to explain the difference is that a mission statement answers the question of why we exist as an organization and the vision answers the question of what do we want to become as an organization. Both are very important to us as a school and to our school improvement process. The reason for my communication to our parents and community at this time is to include you in the process of the development of our vision statement. We have a "draft" vision at this time and I will be talking at the next PTA meeting about the development of a school vision and will be including our parents in moving towards a final vision statement. Please take the time to look at our "statement in progress" and as always your input and comments are appreciated. Again, we will look at this in more detail at our next PTA meeting.

Thank you,
Bob Harris

"In collaboration with our parents and community, we want to become a building block contributing to life-long learning, while fostering a caring, positive, respectful and safe environment where students will be engaged through developmentally appropriate and differentiated instruction that focuses on each individual’s success."

Monday, February 1, 2010

TRE Music and PE Classes Join Together for a Unit on Dance

Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Andrews join third grade music and PE classes together for a fantastic unit on dance. Our TRE students are learning so much about traditions and cultures as they learn different types of dance from countries all over the world. In this particular picture the third graders are performing the Les Saluts dance which is a folk dance from Canada. A big "shout out" is extended to both Mr. Andrews and Mrs. Edwards for putting together such a wonderful combined unit of instruction. Nice job 3rd graders!

6th Grade Parent Information Night at the Jr. High February 8th

I wanted to put out a blog post just to remind 6th grade parents that the Jr. High will have a parent information night on Monday, February 8th at 7pm in the Jr. High cafeteria. The transition to Jr. High is such a big event in the lives of both students and parents. The information meeting is designed to introduce parents to both the schedule and life of a Jr. High student.

The Jr. High administrators and counselors will visit our 6th grade students on Tuesday, February 9th at 9:00 am. They will be talking about some of the very same things as they do with parents as they introduce them to life at the Jr. High and also go over scheduling information and timelines with our 6th grade students.

Update on TRE Pint Size Heroes Blood Drive

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, staff, and community members who donated blood last Monday evening at our Pint Size Heroes Blood Drive. A total of 68 units of blood were donated with 20 of the donors being first time donors. The Red Cross called me to let me know how excited they were and to also let me know that they had feedback that there was some people who had to wait a long time to donate. The good news is that our blood drive will directly help some 204 lives and the Red Cross is very appreciative of all who gave. A big Shout Out also goes out to TRE parent, Angie Almomar, for all her work in coordinating this year's blood drive. Thanks Angie!